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What's the name of your website again?

Asked by Anonymous

04.22.14 2

to those who keep asking me about my @chaturbate account and why is it banned etc, i will have my account back once my new id gets here, my state id expired on my birthday and since its expired i need to upload a new one for verification on chaurbate … so til my id arrives i will prob cam on and yes i had fun in vegas!

04.20.14 2
You are gorgeous, are you a bottom?

Asked by Anonymous

I’m Versatile.

04.08.14 2

press play!

03.31.14 3
Zoom dont forget to follow me on chaturbate

dont forget to follow me on chaturbate

03.30.14 9
Im on long island. You're a cutie pie! If you're ever interested in talking lmk :D

Asked by luisdiaz631

thank u! xoxo

03.18.14 1

hi guys yes im real

03.05.14 4
02.19.14 11
Zoom thank u @

thank u @

02.19.14 1
I'm in love!!!!!!!!

Asked by dickhurtzem692

awww. thanks. lol

02.07.14 2
Zoom video dildo tease on chaturbate…
click here:

video dildo tease on chaturbate…

click here:

01.08.14 16
Zoom #nintendo anyone

#nintendo anyone

01.04.14 13
I would just like to say you are unbelievably beautiful! flawless body, amazing face and a delicious thick cock. I honestly find it hard to believe my eyes! love seeing u on cam but please keep up your good work on here too :)

Asked by adrenalinefascinations

thanks hun. xoxo happy new year! 

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Zoom xoxo


11.30.13 96
Zoom giving my boiyfriend kisses

giving my boiyfriend kisses

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